How to Build a Business Despite Your Job

December 15, 2011

Sometimes people get the wrong idea when we tell them about the opportunity to build a business with Young Living. They think it will take up too much of their precious time or that they will have to quit doing other things that they like.

The opposite is true.

You should begin building your business with part-time hours around your JOB and family time. Use your spare time to create a business that generates enough cash-flow to begin to change your life style. That part is easy. For most families, a few hundred dollars more per month would mean major changes in their life style. But that’s just the beginning. The compensation plan is designed to pay handsome rewards, but the money is not important. It’s what the money allows you to expand about your life that is important, but it doesn’t come all at once or over-night. People that tell you that their business opportunity will make you rich tomorrow are scamming you. It takes time, but that time can be scheduled around your life. Make it fit you.

Do not quit your job.

Building a business takes consistent efforts over a period of time. Some people drop everything and expect their brand new business to produce fortunes overnight. In my experience, these people fail because they quit. Like any business, it takes time to build and you must have a plan. No one creates a business plan and expects to be rich instantly. Your fortune will grow in relation to the value you provide to other people. The more people you help, the greater your reward. Our first check was only a few hundred dollars, but now, less than two years later our income from Young Living  provides us a lifestyle most people only dream about, with no limitations on the future. And it all started for us, part-time.

A side note… most people fail. Why? Because they give up. It does not matter what area of life you are talking about, quitters never win. You can’t realize the full financial potential of your business if you quit. I always encourage everyone to make a list of the reasons “WHY” they are going to build a business. Without a driving force, most people quit, but those driven by a strong “WHY” will never quit. They will succeed. Great people choose network marketing because they see the value and full potential of the industry model, but the reason they are great people and have unbelievable success is because they never quit.

If you don’t give up, eventually, the time will come when you can leave your job if you like and enjoy the time freedom you provided yourself by building a business part time. It took us less than two years to reach this point. I cannot describe to you the feeling of being able to say at age 29 that I will never be forced to work for someone else ever again. Our plan is to be completely financially free by the end of our third year in this business. Three years of part time effort to provide ourselves financial freedom.

I wonder where you’ll be in three years of your full time JOB?


Remember,  you can keep selling your time, or you can start to share your lifestyle – it's up to you!

To your success,

Rob & Alina

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